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Hala Oy Summary

Hala Oy (Business ID 2837166-3) is a Finnish company focussed on low cost high volume housing for humanitarian aid, initially in Iraq, and subsequently in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Russia, and Ukraine.

The wars in Iraq are well documented, and over the last 30 years between 2.5 – 5 million homes have been destroyed, with little or no reconstruction during this period.

Hala housing is the first step to people who have lost everything and who have no possibility to find proper housing. It gives people the possibility to be proud making their first home themselves, and over time, using provided plans, are able to gradually improve and develop their home. It is strong, safe, and built to last decades.

It is low cost, meaning International Development aid organizations and Governments can support as many people as possible with relatively limited resources. It is a very efficient method to implement large scale housing solutions, does not need heavy organization and there is little possibility for corruption. Using Hala concept Finland delivers more houses than much bigger countries. This is a credit and gives Finnish industry possibility to participate other projects in the future.

Hala Oy projects are targeted at 10,000 houses/year, and will be organized on an Intergovernmental and International Organizational level with support from the Finnish Government and United Nations Development Aid. Hala Oy have met several times with Finnish Foreign Ministry officials, who strongly support the Hala concept. Hala Oy is registered with United Nations Development Business (#856089), which is a pre-requisite to receive UN Financing.

Hala Oy is licenced to use the Scanhomes construction concept in the countries listed above, which over 20 years has built more than 1,100 houses in Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. The construction technique is innovative, and utilizes local labour and requires only very basic skills.

The Hala Oy concept is to produce ‘homes in a box’ which includes pre-cut wooden components, plywood shuttering, roofing material, fixings, and tools in Finland, using good quality Finnish materials, and Leca wall construction material which is shipped to Iraq for construction by local labour, and with native Arabic speaking Hala Oy supervision. A cluster of 30 houses requires approximately 11 trucks of material.

The target is 1,000 houses in 2019, and 10,000/year in subsequent years. The concept is completely scalable, with no upper limit. Estimated turnover from 2020 is >€70 million/year, which is less than 1% of the market, and only considers operations in Iraq.

In order to realize the business, during 2017/18 Hala Oy must form strategic partnerships with Finnish companies for example in the construction, wood, roofing, Leca, equipment rental logistics, while also developing in greater detail the engineering solutions, while in parallel working with the Finnish Government and United Nations to secure signed supply contracts for the first clusters of housing, which must be minimum 1,000 units.


Hala proudly cooperates with Comprendum Ltd.


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